Chingy Lovely Ladies Lyrics

Hate It or Love It Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Hate It or Love It
  • 3 Check My Swag
  • 4 Fly Like Me
  • 5 Kick Drum
  • 6 Gimme Dat
  • 7 All Aboard (Ride It)
  • 8 Trickin' Off (skit)
  • 9 Spend Some $
  • 10 2 Kool 2 Dance
  • 11 Lovely Ladies
  • 12 How We Feel
  • 13 Roll on 'em
  • 14 Blockstar
  • Without great grandmother there's no me
    Without grandmama there's no me
    Without ma momma there's no me
    Dem ladies made our family tree
    Because I love dem all da same
    And think of em all da same
    Need sumthin juss ask I got it covered ain't no thang
    Ma autn jenni works hard and I appreciate that
    So threw this song ima give my appreciation back
    Remember a long time ago I would be down in da basement rappin
    Shed stomp on da floor n say quit all dat damn snappin
    She ain't no 20 years from den datz wats makin all dis happen
    She ain't no at ma shows 50,000 ppl clappin
    Plus I wish I culda seen her face wen I bought dat pad
    Dat waz juss a cool thank you gift from you're growner lad
    You a (lovely lady) and that's why I'm praisin yahh existence
    Her n howard always tought me 2 make wise decisions
    Ya we gon make it through I dedicate this to you
    Culd have had any mother but 4 goodness sakes its you

    See momma you ma (lovely lady)
    Y'all all my (lovely gurls)3x
    Momma you my (lovely lady)
    Y'all all my (lovely gurls)3x
    Grandmomma you ma (lovely lady)
    Y'all all my (lovely gurls)3x
    Lil sista you ma (lovely lady)
    Y'all all my (lovely gurls)3x

    plus my 2 grammys like ma mammies
    I no sumtimes dey don't understand me
    But 1 day just like dem billboards ima bring home a grammy
    See ma momma momma big momma we kept er in sum drama
    Couple bad *** grandsons walkin round wit llamas
    She wuld fuss at us tell us right tho we ain't know no betta
    So leave 4 it to you ma appreciation letta
    Ruth baby I ain't forget yahh
    Wen I'm gone I'm still wit yahh
    I love comin by you're house n seein all ma posta pictures
    Dey make me feel so special wen da world all on my back
    You da loveliest lady write it down cause that's a fact
    No sumtimes you want me 2 go 2 church I say I might
    Even if I don't you tell me keep god in my life
    And I still got dem prayin hands on dat quarter I gave yahh
    A men 2 god but sumtimes I feel like you ma savior
    We gon make it through
    Dedicate dis 2 you
    Culd have ne grandmomma 4 goodness sakes it you


    now dez 2 women in my life I gotta treat right
    We handle business durin da day n we party at night
    See ma 2 sistas I love yahh but neva put nuthin above yahh
    You suffa I suffa you goin threw it den we gon struggle
    Candace she da youngest dezineeya da oldest
    Heather need sumbody 2 talk 2 I got er shulda
    But if I got it you got it juss like I always told yahh
    You ain't neva gotta have a man 2 do 4 yahh I'm you're soldia


    Written by: Howard Earl Bailey, Kevin Gregory Cates
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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