Shai Hulud Love is the Fall of Every Man Lyrics

The Fall of Every Man Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Bonds of Those Who Have No Understanding of Consequence
  • 2 Love Is the Fall of Every Man
  • 3 When One Bests Defeat
  • 4 How Far the Mighty Have Fallen
  • 5 Most Precious Blood
  • 6 Making People Apologize for Accusing You of Things You Actually Did
  • 7 Glue
  • I stand on the edge of destruction emotionally ruined
    By the warmth I most desire I will not fall prey to love of a human kind
    For love is weakness Love is the fall of every man
    Take this heart you've claimed and as it numbs your hands
    Know the flame is dead and will no longer burn
    This body will never pain again
    This mind knows no wound
    Though I am of flesh this flesh will not consume me
    As it has destroyed so many before
    This body will never pain again
    This mind knows no wound
    The flame is dead left only with ashes of memories
    That renew faith in hate and my faith in myself
    Nothing can break me This heart remains free from the burden of love
    Yet this heart will be sustained
    No hope No compassion I fill my heart with strength

    Written by: Chad Gilbert, Matthew Fox, Steven Kleisath
    Lyrics © Peermusic Publishing

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