Murs Love You Like This Lyrics

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im talkin cancun, summer days, beaches we can run away
black g bags we can play what we wanna play
from this day, its only the exotic
who'da thought this would blossom outta somethin so platonic
used to sell chronic, young entrepenuer
you hustled in the streets while i did it on tours
from the whole rap world and our love behind doors
like under baggy clothes you hid your allure
but i saw to the core and had to be yours
come with me out on this journey aint no askin what for
whats more?
i know you feel the same way
so follow your heart forget what your brain say
im a main stay on this temporary voyage
bring your luggage and your baggage
our past will destroy us
fresh from the carosel
love aint a ferris wheel
once we reach our peak we'll never descend
i love you to the finest angel to that heaven can send
i wanna hold you in my arms and never pretend
that our love aint workin we was better as friends
i know it never works for others but we better than them =)
cause in just one night we shared so much
you spoke and i listened but we didnt dare touch
its been a couple months you never called to say whats up
so ill put it in this song when you hear it hit me up

come with me lets take a trip to
where we could get to
to open up our hands and let time slip through
i always know that i would get you
and now that im with you
aint no drama and no problems in the world i cant get through

i wanna know who could love you like this
who really loves you? who could love you like this?
i wanna know who could love you like this.. i wanna know.
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