En Vogue Love Won’t Take Me Out Lyrics

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I had a love
And I had pain
Best believe
They come hand in hand
Cause I'm a soldier
For the love brigade
I'm prepared to do battle
With anything

I have control of my life you see
Let's keep it real not to make believe
I won't get caught with my foot in my mouth
And I won't let love take me out
I have the power to do as I please
I take the blows and I do it with ease
I dish it out very hard there's no doubt
And I won't let love take me out

I had to be
A fool indeed
To let someone
Break me down to my knees
I was wreckless
With my heart you see
There's no rule for that in my world
And yet that's plan

Say bye bye to the teary brown eyes
And the big sad face with an upside down smile
It's so beneath me it's so beneath
Say bye bye to the meaningless days
And the loneliest nights
Just wasting my mind
It's so beneath me it can't control me

[Chorus: x2]

Won't take me out won't take me out

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