Trip Lee feat. Andy Mineo Love On Display Lyrics

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Lord Jesus, I just want to praise you for your love
And the way that you displayed your love
And that you died for us while we were yet sinners
I'm amazed

Lord, I'm so amazed at the way you show your love to us
That you ain't stop us in ? that you would come to us
We sin so much, that feeling 'came numb to us
Our hearts lied to us, Lord
Please come school us
While we pursued fake treasure like a dumb jeweler
You planned to redeem man
You would come scoop us
Who is man that you would notice us?
God, mold us
It's pure grace that you would even rest your eyes on us
Much less leave the heavens, come and die for us
Humbled to the point of death
You would cry for us
Bloody sweat
No rest, you would ride for us
Took blows, you gave flesh
You were my donor
Eternally merciful, never bi-polar
You pitied me
Took the weight right off of my shoulders
Stood in my place
Erased the death in us
You showed your love and died while we were yet sinners

Nothing in my hands I bring
Simply to the cross I cling
And ever since the nails went bang!
All you people respond and sing
You put your love on it
You put your love on display
You put your love on it
You put your love on display

There was nothin' 'bout me that moved you to love
I was born unclean in a pool of blood
Then you said, "Live"
You really proved your love
Christ took my death
My noose has loosened up
You saw me full of sin and full of lust, rage
You hated my sin because of all your just ways
But you pitied me
Showered me with much grace
I read the good news printed on the front page
The headline read "Christ for my lust paid,
For my sin died, now He was just raised"
And the way I knew the grace from you was real sweet
Is that you came and died while I was still weak
What compassion you showed
Displayed your great love with actions
Yeah, the facts in the scroll
Now I'm like a dirty burlap sack full of gold
You put treasure in the clay pot
I'm amped to behold


You put your love on display ever since the day you came
Now the only thing to say is hallelujah

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