Birdman Love My Hood Lyrics

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[Chorus: x2]
***** I love my hood *****, back in my hood
Them houses back up ***** we up to no good
Flier than ever, do whatever
Live this life let me spend this cheddar

Blowin' on that gonja, straight out the pound
Represent mines ***** straight uptown
Flamed up ***** every time I come around
Its the Birdman ***** got the game off the ground
Role with a chopper, ride with a gun
Doin' my thing *****, me and my son
Just like that ***** do it like that
I'm the number one stunner ***** how you love that?
Hat stay low 250 on the glow
The new Jacob watch *****, had to have the hoe
The water came first then it ****ed up the flow
****ed yup the dope and the coke and the dro
Bounce right back ***** had to get more
You know how we do it get the cash off the flow
Every ***** in my hood took that loss
I made other *****s neighborhoods pay that cost

[Chorus: x2]

Bubbly chrissy, shes so with me
Ride so fly *****, the hood all in me
Till I die these *****s goin' feel me
5 story condo my G's ride with me
Straight up blood thats my love
Agreed to the 17th, we came up tough
Crab in a bucket, uptown **** it
If I pull this ************ I'ma pop this ************
Love my hood I get down for my hood
Ride for my homies out the neck of my woods
And took your haters out for one of your tomatoes
Creep up on your ***** and I'ma work it like a label
Stuntin' on them pussies, G4 *****
Phantom and the range rover paid out *****,
5 star hotel mommy is a model
G'd up ***** and we be drinkin' out the bottle

[Chorus: x2]

I miss my mama, love my daddy
Rode for my other brother put that ***** in a caddy
Divorced a freak but married to the game
Doing my thing ***** gettin' this change
Uptown madness, so sadness
Spend that corner everybody had to have it
Slangin' that iron, don't mind dieing
Have your whole neighborhood out cryin'
Love your life ***** if thats your son
****in' with this *****, wont have one
Lord to my hood, never leave my hood
Blood on the concrete ***** my wood
Remind ya no lie, I tell you no lie
That ***** wouldn't have died, he still would have died
The blood in my eyes wouldn't have let it ride
I watched the whole **********in' neighborhood cry

[Chorus: x2]

Written by: Bryan Williams, Tristan G. Jones
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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