Violent Femmes Love & Me Make Three Lyrics

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Make all for hallwey way, feeling but fall english formaly
Is no class but now I'mma stay all down
Cool look formaly no place for formacy
Go over this performing, they craft daily
This above of this, vision over this
Twnenty four of this, hit the post and it;s four ways
I just play feel the ice go hot and don't brake
Respect my G. face and reject
Respect all those bullets, better pull it battle for respect
And the cities is up insinde of this norphy's coridor
We spot the courtesr pull it on for forty
Never hold black, fighting with coped cope
We won't stop leaving you on this corte, this cut road
Sometimes I'm roll it over when it's dolo polo
I'm still doing my turn, I'm never going solo
All these colud winter nights they keep the ice in my blood
I spleat this guts out of the pretty, pinching nife in the mug

It's passy hands up, coped up, good music listen
Stick it forty you only got one pop you got you piss it

Then he pay put the kitty, kitty listen
Or we can pack low, we shine, we listen
Hands up, enthusiasm, goom music listen
Stick it for the only pop youi got to listen
Then he pay put the kiggi liggy gun shut
Or we can pack low, we shine, we listen

We strap my G you all sound nervous
Respect everything that I do or found muredr
You all serve this, yuou belong with that unporpuse
Stay high walk out with guns, we found perments
Slaight by a king of my life we found service
Am I right ...for both low he worthless
Only your sings of ignorance it's earthless
All of my mind is violence and churchless
I don't wanna splash high cuz I almost did it
Ands I don't want the fact of p on the valuated
Lay on fifteen bog is now lady
You ain't never goap eat this solvation
Try to sell wolf kick it feel a lot bag it
Try to bite the haters feel ya'll violation
Pussy guap get spart it like damn nations
Put for God in wrong places so we found saying

It's the God how knows what we do
To make this music listen
Stick you, hold you your only pop you got to pissed it
Call hater put the key in the igation
Party in my left full bottle twist it
Call the news, knew we don't make the music listen
Stick you for only path you gotta pissed it
Call leader put the key in the ignation
Bottle in my left, full try to twist it
I'ma do the fuller in the clip
Like I rock and crap in the caps
So like I like to see planets and travel back, back home
Run throught conflict, play participation
Gun tongue constanlty ...
So we ball like like we use to fight on sun wide
Walked up to your window but the paddels it's in the dark shine
Wait for your langue, choped over in blood
Stop go on for some grums
Fucked over a dawn, I teach cross over the bridge surgery
So way I don't need no basball to murder all free
So you nothing change more then your cask can drop
I blow your fucking face off like that can drop
Popping make you driving like your plastic
Call it drop, ask it yeah, told you how to drop the antidote
Look what the Uzzy do, every pupe is in every guard
Shut your funeral tell me how to drop the caskey all

This is way hold me, chasing grum, music bullshit
This is the only part I ever, ever pissed it
The others agaist me I was fightinng with my own hands
This are to the world I've been going like a grown man
This is plan, hold me in, chasing grum music bullshit
The others agaist me I was fightinng with my own hands
This are to the world I've been going like a grown man

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