Sympathy Love Me and Despair Lyrics

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where I have slain the mighty
and tasted the blood of the righteous
the ashes and remains
of their rotted flesh
is fetid on the breath of my mouth

I am the tempter
the alluring lech and harlot
I call as a siren unto all
come and taste
of my wine and secret pleasures
surrender your will unto me

embrace the night
to share my gifts
bow unto me
love me and despair

I am the lust
that festers like a wound
and poisons your mind with every thought
I am the hunger
that weakens your resolve
and consumes your heart and soul

I offer you all the pleasures of your flesh
just bow and give your worship to me
I offer you all the luxury of wealth
just swear your allegiance to me
I will give you all your heart desires
but you will be bound unto me

abandon all hope
ye who enter here
for mine is the gateway to hell
my snares will entangle
and my claws grip your flesh
and you will become my thrall

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