Barbara Fairchild Love Is A Gentle Thing Lyrics

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When dark of night makes way for the early sun to rise
It's piece of mind that only love can bring
And with the golden sunlight drifting through the morning skies
Your tender touch makes me know that love is a gentle thing
Love is a gentle thing and love can keep you safe and warm
A newborn baby nestled in its mother's arms
Love is a gentle thing and like winter's very first snow falling
And love can be a shelter in a storm

The times when I'm uncertain and get restless in my mind
I'm left alone without a song to sing
But when you come to me at night and pull me to your side
Without a word you tell me that love is a gentle thing
Love is a gentle thing
Love is a gentle thing
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  • Written by: Ann Burns, Barbara Fairchild, Ruby Van Noy
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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