Elvis Costello Love Field Lyrics

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You lie so unfolded
In a love field
With your contempt for any modesty
In a love field

In a love field
In a love field
You yield with your lips still sealed
In a love field
Lost in a sea of imaginary women
Everything you`d want
From the dawn to the dimming

Breath comes sharp and heart beats faster
In a love field
Cold ground for a pillow
Under a blanket of stars
In a love field

In a love field
In a love field
Headlights that startled
This embrace of hours
In a love field

In a crooked house
Where things can be arranged
You think you`re different from the rest
But you don`t see how you`ve changed

Under an archway
On a road of white linen
In a love field
Feel the anxious rhythm of a functional stranger
In a love field

In a love field
In a love field
She`s so tense but it`s never mentioned
In a love field
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  • Written by: Elvis Costello
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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