Lil Chuckee Love Chuck Dogg Lyrics

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Thought I fucking told ya
You from that mula
…got that torta
Put your face on the poster
Napstack, you all … snapback
Libra game, chyropracter get your back crack
Snoopin around, get caught up in the rat trap
Liposuction on that ass cause it’s too fat
Places get me my space, with mister fab in the bay
I hit her in the in the morning and I told her have a nice day
No hoe, I’m not from here, when they leaving man they run you
Bitch I want my bucks, just like that daddy dare
Yes here is my shows, no ifs ands or I don’t knows
We stay fresh in the morning, like a fucking fruit bowl
White chick named coco, don’t have my bread it’s no show
Says she gone straight for my nuts like a lwo blow
Yeah, yeah, and I’m just like okay
She keeps screaming my name, I told her I’m not mayday
Got a homie named kk, god damn that nigga crazy
Got em coughing up they worst, like who the hell’s …
Uh, I got em fiending, fiending for my new shit
I light to get the moonshine, now she actin oozie
No love for these girls, I was never cool with cupid
You talking all that shit, but your ass gonn be…
Uh yeah, and I’ma take it out with grip pliers
Young money we too cold, start up the camp fire
Lil chucky I’m too fly, them niggas over there stay mad
But I trap through the mud, now I come with your…

These women love chuck dogg, libra game we ball hard
Sippin on that chris paw, thought I fuckin told ya
We ain’t ones to play with, riding in that ‘86
My homies will spray quick, you ducking like the fucking matrix
Thought I fucking told ya
You from that mula
…got that tort y’all
Hell no, I don’t know y’all
Hell no, I don’t know y’all
Thought I fucking told ya
Bitch I’m from that mula.

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