Wizard Lost Souls Lyrics

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Whispers of creeping shadows evil never dies
Storms of darkness are on their way
To catch your soul and bring it to hell
Streets of the undead cross
The streets of the living

Death and destruction is all they are giving
Hordes of evil on their march of pain
Let the fire of destruction rain
Burning heat will reach you
kneel down for the lord
He will laugh and torture you

Lost souls on their way on the river
of death they sail
Lost souls in hell on their aim is torture and pain

Eternal torture is the price for all the
things you've done
The brain and heart is screaming
There is no way to run

Look in your hellfire pain waits for you
Hear the laughing of demons you must be their guest

Battle of Metal Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 In the Beginning
  • 2 Thunder Warriors
  • 3 The Call of Evil
  • 4 Named by the Devil
  • 5 The War of Demons
  • 6 Lost Souls
  • 7 Zorian Karcoon
  • 8 Pain
  • 9 The Kidnapping
  • 10 The Liberation
  • 11 An Angry God
  • 12 You Prayed to God for Mercy
  • 13 Bad Times
  • 14 Thoughts
  • 15 The Weapons of the Gods
  • 16 Heavy Metal Will Never Die
  • 17 The Second Oath
  • 18 Our Hate Will Burn You
  • 19 Army of the Gods
  • 20 Dragon Lords
  • 21 Battle of Metal
  • Artists A to Z: