Eric Benét Lost in Time Lyrics

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There's a knock outside my door
It's you again!
There's a kiss that let's me know,
This love won't end.
There's a life, there's a touch and a smile
And we're making love,
And all is perfect in my lonely world again.
As we lay we make a plan for life together,
Holding on with all the might full worst or better,
I can't believe,
I can't conceive all the time that you're not with me,
But in a flash I'm in this lonely room again.

I don't wanna stay here lost in time,
I don't understand this heart of mine,
I keep letting go to fantasy,
Never letting go of you and me.
I don't wanna stay here lost without you!

There's a house upon the hill I hear the laughter,
And our children seem to grow each year much faster,
We're alone now in this emptiness and love still grows,
But only visions of a life that should have been.


You are, the only one I'm holding down for always,
My heart, in the time of light, shinning bright in your
So far,
I can't let go, I won't let go,
And that's why,
I will face reality till it brings you back to me.

[Chorus: x3]

Written by: Eric Benet Jordan, George T. Jr. Nash
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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