VaShawn Mitchell Lost in His Presence Lyrics

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If by chance you look for me and you cannot fine me
Don't you worry, I'm alright
I am where I want to be
I am lost in His presence
I am consumed
By the glory of Jesus
The everlasting King
I'm rejoicing with the angels
Lifting my voice to sing
Of the power
Of the everlasting King
In His presence
In His presence
I'm honored to be in the presence of the King
I am here
Don't wanna leave
The presence of the King
Believe in Your Dreams Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Where the Praises Are
  • 3 No Way
  • 4 Dreams
  • 5 Destiny
  • 6 Good News
  • 7 Grace and Mercy
  • 8 Grace and Mercy (reprise)
  • 9 Chicago Bump
  • 10 Lost in His Presence
  • 11 All Hail the Power
  • 12 Clap Your Hands
  • 13 S.O.S.
  • 14 Provider
  • 15 Your Tears Have Paid Off
  • 16 (Encouragement medley) What's to Come
  • 17 (Encouragement medley) My Worship Is for Real
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