Canibus Lost @ "C" Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Yo, yo, yo, now when you see that big *** see, you know I'm comin through
And when you know I'm comin through, you know what I'ma do
I never sent to battlin me, would be impossible
I just think it's highly **********ing improbable
You talkin to a *****, *****s split molecules
To subatomic particles, strong enough to stop a bull
Bodies slam, to oxygen, drop a mule
Urinating rocket fuel, freestylin over gospel tunes
Rhymes by the thousands, rhymes for hours
I could kick a rhyme longer than your whole album
Kickboxer, beatin the **** out *****s proper
I beat 'em till they holler, beat 'em til the cops come
Beatin *****s til they have seizures, beat 'em til they start screamin
Like fax machines when they start receivin
Beat 'em til my own hands start bleedin
Beat 'em til they lungs stop breathing and they heart stop beatin
From 12 am to 12 pm in the evening
With three 15 minute breaks in between 'em
Good Jesus, that's a really stingy beatin
That's what you get for ****in with this lyrical demon
Bloodstream's been, contaminated for eons
I got cast out of heaven for treason
Got cast out of the Garden of Eden for lettin the reptilian beast in
Got locked up for a DUI and speedin
A whole legion of half decent emcees get released when
They spit a hundred bars for they freedom
See I'm much too nice to compete wit
Too nice to flow over beats wit, too nice to hold a M I see wit
Off some diesel Hercules ****, I cold flip
And start to punch trees til they leafless
Inhale with two real deep breaths, hold my breath
Til the whole planet suffocates and then release it [release it]

[HOOK 2X:]
Yo, you ain't as cold as us
Or as bold as us
When you get thrown to the wolves, you get thrown to us
[When we in the warzone, we got the chrome wit us]
'cause we rollin rough, when the soldiers rush
Either you roll wit us, or get blown to dust [ashes to ashes and dust to

[Verse 2]
Yo, yo, now for the last couple of months, things been real quiet
'cause I ain't heard **** worth buyin
I'm bout to show you *****s how I'm driven
The drive comes from my lyrics and my lyrics come from my inner spirit
Five bringin the, faster than 12 cylinder engines with nitrogen in 'em
Faster than F-1 with light pistons
Fast enough to give your brain an aneurysm
'cause you *****s is slower than fat *****es with tabalism
The way I rip apart the competition when I be spittin
The name Canibus might as well be Cannibalism
Show me a man that can't feel him
I'll show you a man that'll grab him by the neck
And put his head to the fan on the ceiling
Suffer real bad from television ****
Drop him off the roof of a building and let the news film him
I hop in front of the cameras and tell 'em how I'm feelin
I tell 'em how I feel that hip hop, should deal wit it
Tell 'em how I'm tired of the state rappers in
Ninety percent of the **** that rappers give is subject matter less
Not original, but blasphemous, just a bunch of the same characters
Shootin the same videos, it's embarrassing
You's in the same formal as the level head?
You's are the same actors and actresses, same **** different laxative
Face it ***** you wack as **** I'm snatchin your mic
I make you run for your life, children in the daylight
That track you at night, my global position is satellite
Got a infrared blaster to test your body's Fahrenheit
Wherever you go, I track you through hail, sleet, or snow
I track you til you're seizure grows into a afro
Until you plaid 'em into cornrows
Track you til your shoe soles develop holes
And you get, corns on your toes
Til your teeth develop hollow coses
But you been goin so long without deodorant you don't even notice it


Written by: Germaine Williams, Irving Lorenzo, Taiwan Green
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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