Upon This Dawning Losing Myself in December Lyrics

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Why am I so shy? (Tell me why)
Whenever I see her
I tell you don't
(I tell you don't) don't look
Inside... me!

Tell me, don't keep your mouth so closed
I wanna know (I wanna understand)
And don't forget me
Don't let your heart beating too fast
Kiss me again (I know you want to go away)
It's what I can see
In your eyes, in your eyes, in your eyes
It's what I can see
In your eyes, in your eyes, in your eyes
In your eyes!

It's like a prison in my room, I want to go
(It's impossible to escape) no one will go away
Away from here, to leave this hole, hear your voice
(Pretend my freedom) pretend my freedom


No one could be to perfect to stay with me
(Others watch me when I am with you)
To feel the same, to be together
(Watching me inside)
But I think there something wrong with me...

Whit this hand I'll kill your sorrow
Your glass will never be empty 'cause I'll be your wine
With this candle I'll shine your walk in darkness
With this ring I ask you to be mine

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