Gatsbys American Dream Looks Like the Real Thing Lyrics

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I can tell you're lying
It cuts through my belly
Let the dull colors spill right down to my shoes
And the children gather 'round
I am empty
Others are overfilled on what I've given up, so come on
I can tell you're lying
To them it's Technicolor
I can tell you're lying. It cuts through my belly
Lies this deck is stacked with lies,
but no one knows the difference? You see,
we all walk on a string
If I bounce, you bounce too
It's all connected
The sun carries the hanging moon from it's shoulders and says,
"If I don't shine, then you don't shine"
And if I fail and you succeed what does it mean
Their eyes are sunken. Come on look at them,
these kids have needs
We balance on a string
When it's all over maybe then you'll see you're
blinded by your greed
Are you blinded?
Are you blinded?
I can tell you're lying

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