Cypress Hill Looking Through the Eye of a Pig Lyrics

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I wake up every morning, kiss my wife goodbye
Hug my kids, tell 'em I love 'em, I'm out, hit the ride
I'm out on patrol, in my squad car, do I lay
Where you never know, if you'll be making it home today
So many different attitudes, that I come across
I'm hardened and scarred tonight, feeling nobody's loss
Hookers hustlers killers and thieves, out on the streets
Got my mind warped, just found another corpse on the beat
Bound gagged raped, I'm frustrated, I hate it
Found a woman in the dumpster, body was mutilated
Bad dreams all up in my head, no lie
Sometimes I gotta take a sniff so I can get by, why don't I get hurt, cause there go my nerves, I got the urge to merge this bullet in my brain, relieve my pain
What a ****ing shame, I don't want to live, or paint the wall with the bloodstains, eye of the pig, I see it all

The eye of the pig

("This pig")

I've been on the force, over twenty years, I can say that I'm worse, than some of these ************s I put away
I'm in the biggest gang you ever saw, above the law
Looking through the eye of the pig, I see it all
Drug abusers, drug dealers and the gang-banging
Pieces of **** who should be on the ****ing noose hanging
These days you can't tell who's-who in the world
Is that a whore, or is that, an innocent young girl?
****, I need a drink, and I'm almost off
At the precinct, it's like an AA meeting all gone wrong
I.A. got an eye, on my close friend guy for taking a supply from evidence from a bust on a buy
That doesn't concern me, we never rat on each other
We went through the academy, just like frat brothers
Midnight, I only have an hour left on my shift
Think I'll get my **** sucked by this bass head *****
My marriage is all ****ed , my wife is with the neighbors
Subpeonaed, now I gotta sign these ****ing divorce papers
I recall, happier times, before the fall
Looking through the eye of the pig, I see it all

Now I'm on my way, back to the station to check out
So I can go home, relax, take a drink and think about my abrupt change, out of the clean, to the corrupt
Lookin through the eye of the pig, I'm all ****ed
No longer can I determine, who's the criminal
from the innocent man down, to the pedophile
No one gives a **** about me, I'm slipping
into darkness, I'm coming to grips and feeling heartless
What's this? A dark green truck, tinted windows
Duly modified, probably a dope dealer inside
"Pull it over to the curb, take your keys out of the ignition"
And raise your hands out the window and get em in high position
Don't move, or I'm gonna blast your ****ing head off
Just tell me where the guns and dope are and you'll get off
Don't give me that bullshit, I've heard about your raps
All you talking about is slanging and shooting off the scraps
OK, Mr. Freeload, get the **** out of the truck
I love it how all you ****ing rappers think it's so funny
Hit the ****ing floor, I need no probable cause
You got a big sack of coke in your truck (what?) so take a pause
You find it funny? Get that smile off your face
************ take this

Written by: Larry Muggerud, Louis M. Freeze
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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