Saint Vitus Looking Glass Lyrics

Mournful Cries Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Creeps
  • 2 Dragon Time
  • 3 Shooting Gallery
  • 4 Bitter Truth
  • 5 The Troll
  • 6 Looking Glass
  • When is the time, to do something about your agony
    Without a dime, you can't moan about the way it should be
    The passion is there, let it come out naturally
    You need not care, how others might think you should be

    Look at the past, the name of the game was pain
    The pleasure don't last, you lost what there was to gain
    Hurtin' so many, lovin' so few
    The one good thing that you can do
    Playing the stars your melodies
    Livin's so hard when it's on your knees

    You know what's right, and you know that kindness can
    It's a mental fight and the winner is a man
    Open your eyes, shake your head
    Raise your body from the dead
    Cold gray haze will never stay
    Don't ever let'em take your strength away

    Written by: Gary Winston Withem, Kerry Chater
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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