Nicki Minaj Long Time Comin Lyrics

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(Nicki minaj)
Patty cakee patty cakee ii mean really wat dhe f**k dhat bit*h patty baked anywaii ii juss heard T.ii.P say dat blacC ppl turniinq lemon into lemonade tell em tuh demonstarte ii quess he did alreadii quess im a lil bitter cuz ii show bit*hes how tuh do it lyke dey babysiitta so wea my cash at wea my stash at ii mean puttin down jones wea dhe nabs at ii do it for the little macks with dey caps bacC my lil niqqaz pumpinq CracC out dey napsacks no wat ii mean qet dat sticky qreen pass dat ii smoke bit*hes can't nicCateen patch dat don't need yah spot tuh qet a qood qame cuz a shot is a shot if yah qot a qud aim niiqqa

(Chorus 2|x`s)

its Been a lonq tyme cominq but ii kame now everybodii in dah rap qame noe my name but hunnie aint a damn thanq funny when ya fame owt weighs ya chanqe owt weighs ya chanqqeeee

We on dhe road tuh riches (yea) im fuxkinq loads of bit*hes im playinq w| yah mama nicki she so suspicious my lil qolden mistress(uhhuh)for ha ii load dem biscuits ii roll with nickloas we so explcit shud yall roll resistant its been alonq tyme cominq but yu dnt noe specifics no moe phony wishes we readii cause now we noe dhe bidness come holla at yah quy(yah)ii alwais make it pour invite mhe tuh yah weddinq ill throw dollars at bride its dirty money dirty jeans n|d dirty skullys yu heard he funny but chill im still a surely qully most of dese rappers lost(yea)cause no cash atall if ii wudda knew diis bacC den ii wudda played basketball maybe not dey say ii neva passed dhe ball if deas no cash involved baby imma lauqh at all (hahaha)

(Chorus 2|x`s)

Its Been a lonq tyme
cominq but ii kame now everybodii in dhe rap qame noe my name bt hunny aint a damn thanq funnie when ya fame owt weighs ya change owt ya chanqqeeee
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