Jeff Bates Long Slow Kisses Lyrics

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Hey baby
I guess you're wondering
What I'm doing
Home so soon
Naw, I ain't sick
It's just this morning
When you told me
You didn't feel like
You were the most
Important thing
In my life anymore
Well that broke my heart
So, I had to turn around
And come back
And tell you what
I'm gonna do about it

I'm gonna light
The bedroom candles
Take the phone
Out of the wall
We can lay around
And talk for hours
Or maybe we won't talk at all
I'm gonna resurrect the love
That slipped away from us
And the man
You've been missin'
Startin' with some
Long, slow kisses

I just want to let you know
How ashamed I am
For making you feel that way
Darlin', I'm so sorry
I guess I've just been spendin'
Too much on making a living
And way too little
On making love
But if you can just find it
In your hear to forgive me
Girl, I swear
From this moment on
You'll always know where
You stand with me


'Cause what really matters most
Is you and me this close
Feeling no distance
Sharing some long, slow kisses
Long, slow kisses
Sharing some long, slow kisses

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