Devlin London City Part II Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
I'm on the a406 in a car with a click while I glance at the bits, the city looks dark in the mist so high I forgot who just passed me on this, all I ever did want was a chance to exist, from writing bars up in my bedroom back when I started, I can't explain how it feels when I here em all chanted my shit, alot of love for the city that I made my name in, when I first hit rinse inside of the grimiest basement, a white chapel under the pavement, shout out to the fans all over the manors I've played in, you've been amazing, tonight were in London city, but you know I'm on a UK thing..

I've gotta show love for the city,
I made my career, my name, my money, my fame in London city,
You'll still find me in London city,
In the grind, hustle and bussle out to every other UK city.

[Verse 2]
It's funny how time flys, I'm 22 now were in 2012, with the olympics here at our doorstep, its time to welcome the world, inside the historic metropolis, some call heaven and some call hell, L O N D O N, you can tell by the way that its spelt this place is a lone on out for its self, with the streets of manic in grid lock traffic, I think about the things I've managed to achieve in a dream that seemed so graphic, that it must be real, I come through the darkness, signed my deal, with mikey, colin and victor behind the records, I look back at the pictures still..


[Verse 3]
I've worked all over the capital, north, south, east, west, if you like the citys my wife, I've seen the bitch at her worst and her best, since my debut video, life ain't the same in a sense, I'm signed at major events all the time, and more baked than an 8 foot fed with dreads, I moved outta my mums, to a nice little drum and I don't hear sirens sounding when I try sleeping, just peace when the evening comes, alot of things have changed, from making London city, at the bottom of the big wheel, Shorditch then Piccadilly, but me I'm the same..


Let your hair down in London city, everybody just keep moving with me, just keep boucing with me, just keep rolling with me [x2]

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