The Veronicas Lolita Lyrics

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[Written by Toby Gad, Laura Pergolizzi, Jessica Origliasso, Origliasso]

[Verse 1]
From the mouths of babe
To the power of men
I make it all new again
Hold my hand, Hold my hand
Cause I can't touch the ground
The carousel goes around, round, and round

[Pre-Chorus 1]
The addiction
The friction
It burns you alive
So illegal
No evil is seen with these eyes
I won't tell if you won't and
I will if you want
Nothing is sacred
Don't care if it's wrong

I'm your Lolita
La Femme Nikita
When we're together
You'll love me forever
You're my possession
I'm your obsession
Don't tell me never
You'll love me forever

[Verse 2]
Doomed from the start
We can't stay apart
Everywhere I turn
I'm trapped in your heart
There's no escape
Secrets keep you awake
No running away
No saving the day

[Pre-Chorus 2]
Wild and exciting
I'm breaking you down
You're making a comeback
I'm taking your crown
Nursery rhymes
I'm singing my dreams
I'm lost in the woods and
You're baring your teeth


Always stay close to me
Don't think of leaving
And I promise I will keep
Our secret