Guttermouth Lock Down Lyrics

Teri Yakimoto Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Use Your Mind
  • 2 Trinket Trading, Tick Toting, Toothless Tired, Tramps/7T’s
  • 3 Generous Portions
  • 4 A Day at the Office
  • 5 Teri Yakimoto
  • 6 Whiskey
  • 7 Lock Down
  • 8 Gods Kingdom
  • 9 Mark’s Ark
  • 10 Room for Improvement
  • 11 Casserole of Life
  • 12 Thought Provoking Sonic Device
  • 13 I Saw the Light
  • 14 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
  • 15 Under the Sea
  • No matter how I try and try
    The dirt land on my head
    The push and shove of daily life
    The stupid thing I've said
    Have left me wishing I was dead and gone
    A silent party in my name a way to right the wrong

    Now I'm sick and I'm tired
    You **** with me and I'll **** with you
    And I'm pissed so pissed off
    Nothing you say can make me stop
    Time is short like my fuse
    Bet against me a you will lose
    No, I won't give up
    Only place I have to go is up

    Morning came the feelings gone
    There's nothing in my head
    Push the cover to the floor
    Stumble out of bed
    Wishing I was somewhere far away
    A silent partner in a crime affects me everyday

    Now I'm sick...
    The only place I have to go is up

    I want to go
    So far away come again live to fight another day
    Lock down

    Written by: Donald Romain Davis
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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