Bran Van 3000 feat. Big Daddy Kane Loaded Lyrics

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Find me
Find me
Wine me and dine me
Get ****in' loaded

I want to play guitar
And be a movie star
Be in the be -movies
And take off all my clothes

Who do you want me to be
Who do I want to be
Who do you want me to be
Get ****in' loaded

Get ****in' loaded

Mi numero di telefono
E le 2-7-8-7-8-2-7
Ciao bello ragazz o ciao
Get ****in' loaded
And how's your money
Are you ****in' loaded?

Here I am
Put it down the way that I love to do
Verbally that's the best you can get

'Cause y'all come loaded with special effects
A big Benz so that you can floss with it
Ice style 'til your neck's frost-bit
Rocks for your medallion to shine

Dressed head to toe in Italian design
All night trying to ball right
Mack-a-docious, Loaded
Let your neck flow

With shots of X-O
From the first shelf
Don't hurt yourself
You know it's all quite funny to me

It really don't matter what money you see
'Cause while your wife's out dressed in Gucci
I can put your girl buck-naked in a Hootie

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