Face Tomorrow Live the Dream Lyrics

For Who You Are Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 For Me
  • 3 Worth the Wait
  • 4 Puppet on Strings
  • 5 Past
  • 6 Saved
  • 7 Steering Wheel
  • 8 Wasting Time
  • 9 72 Dpi
  • 10 Live the Dream
  • 11 I Love You
  • 12 Equation Unequal
  • Maybe you still fear for what you like most what feels so close
    You try to ignore this locked up feeling, you miss the meaning

    Watch out 'cause you can't deny
    It's your heart without your disguise
    It's my life, can't you realize what's inside
    Don't be scared to live the dream

    Wake up yourself and start to live the dream
    The dream, make it real so that you can say that you lived your way for real
    Don't give up on your needs and all your fantasies
    Forgive what you did and just make sure that you choose things for you
    The life you want, even if it seems hard to reach it all

    No promise I'll reach it
    Please don't misplace this smile on my face
    So give me the space I need to fulfill the visions that I like Lyrics © ST MUSIC LLC

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