Ransom Live On Lyrics

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(Verse 1)
From the bottom to the top ,top and to the bottom
Rest in peace my nigga Stacks everybody know I got ‘em
Why the hell them niggers shot hit, fuck it he gonna live on
Not only in this song as long as I spit on
These niggers do shit wrong you know how Duffle do
I’ma speak my mind nigga I ain’t tryin’ to hussle you
How you talking big weight when niggas tryin’ to muscle you
Dog you got a big buck and niggas tryin’ to muzzle you
When I’m in the day bustin’ shots since how our troubles shoot
Now I’m at the camp fuck it I come ’bout to double you
Bitches saying damn son this hot in when we in the W
They say I’m the man cut the top my nigga fuck the roof

Who the fuck is you, nigga my name duffle
We got the same belt but not the same buckle
We got the same drug but not the same hussle
We ain’t the same dog and we ain’t in the same struggle

(Verse 2)
From the bottom to the top ,top into the bottom
RIP my brother Ball motherfuckers know I got him
How the hell them niggers got him , fuck it he gonna live on
Not only on this song as long as I spit on
It’s been a couple years niggas know the pain I’m in
I was raised different you should see the shit I came up in
Now I’m fucking models doing numbers like I’m Timbaland
Call me custom model popping bottles I be training in
Cut ‘em like lil rain in ‘em bob it
You know I’m getting dome just like a stadium I got it
My pockets is filled with all them rockets
Rootie time dining vest, there’s no way you can stop it
Said truly I’m the Don of this
I’m certified nigga, you know I blew cheques
So I’m verified nigga , you get murdered but I tweet it
Don’t get nervous my nigga it’s all in the game plan
Bring the dust in I’m about to make it rain man

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