Little-Speaker-lyrics-Underworld/349007D7CDCA5ADE48256D2E000BF0F0Little-Speaker-lyrics-Underworld/349007D7CDCA5ADE48256D2E000BF0F0Little-Speaker-lyrics-Underworld/349007D7CDCA5ADE48256D2E000BF0F0Little-Speaker-lyrics-Underworld/349007D7CDCA5ADE48256D2E000BF0F0 Underworld Lyrics

Underworld Lyrics

Did you get these from round our's
Very racy, he he he he

The face is thinking hmm, shmm, hmm
Things like that, yeah, yeah do you go, I don't think so, no,

Actually I think you do have, oh god, your looking well man,
I dunno, I dunno, I haven't weighed, err, weighed,
I never weigh myself, maybe it is haa, err its weird, do you

Oh well, no I do, its, its strange, I've just got some kind of weird growing disease,
But I do I feel, haa, I feel like I'm still growing sometimes, if I really stand up straight,
I just go ****ing hell, I didn't use to be that tall
Go, go

Listen, erm,
Go, go, go
Its still there you know
Go, go
Yeah go, I won't

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