Tragedy Ann Little One Lyrics

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and the preacher teaches how to humble the soul

I can imagine the angels' joy to look upon her loving eyes
As she dances round and round...

She's only three, but she knows Him so much different than me,
God deliver me.
I want to live like this child, Lord.
Holding hands and following You
and dancing round and around and around
She is dancing with her Maker
She is holding hands with Him
There is nothing she can do to keep Him from her heart

Lesser Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Him
  • 2 Siren 2
  • 3 Little One
  • 4 How Long
  • 5 King
  • 6 I Know
  • 7 Waste
  • 8 Faithful
  • 9 Broken
  • 10 Is It O.K.?
  • 11 Seek
  • 12 [untitled]
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