Eddy Arnold Little Johnny Everything Lyrics

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There's a little boy at our house who's as happy s can be
Cause he's always doing something keeping busy as a bee
He can make believe he's anyone or almost anything
And that is why we call him Little Johnny Everything
His imagination takes him anyplace or anywhere
If he wants to be an engineer he gets the parlor chair
Then he climbs aboard and blows the whistle gives the bell a ring
It's clear the track the clickety clack I'm Johnny Everything
When he wants to be a fireman it's clang clang clang
As the fire engines race around the floor
If he wants to be a cowboy then it's bang bang bang
As he chases all the injuns out the door
When his busy day is over and he's tucked up in his bed
Little Johnny is so tired and he's such a sleepy head
So he makes believe he's in a boat and to himself he'll sing
I'm sailing off to dreamland Little Johnny Everything
When he wants to be an aeroplane it's zoooooom
As he makes a perfect landing on the floor
If he wants to be a soldier then it's boom boom boom
As he shoots his cannons off to win the war
And when I come home from working and my weary day is through
And my little make believer says come on I'll play with you
And he throws his arms around me and he bounces on my knee
That's when Little Johnny Everything means everything to me
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