Too $hort Little Girls Lyrics

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  • 1 Partytime
  • 2 Mack Attack
  • 3 Playboy $hort II
  • 4 You Know What I Mean
  • 5 Freaky Tales
  • 6 Dope Fiend Beat
  • 7 Little Girls
  • 8 The Universal Mix
  • Little girls of the world, you're all so sprung
    15, 16 and all so young
    I thought about you just last night
    Grabbed my pen then I started to write
    A rap that'll cap like a true blue rap
    Not a washed-up almost MC sap
    Little girls so fresh and I know you are
    Wanna take a little ride in my new car
    I see you more than baby, it's more like hell
    You screw a little girl and end up in jail
    Even though she seems she's 19
    You're looking at her body an it's breaking the jeans
    Well you know she's not, so don't play dumb
    Little girls walking round trying to give me some
    But I tell 'em like this, I'm the player $hort
    Playing freaks like you is just a sport
    I'm coming way too real and I can never be funny
    Niggas like me just want your money
    Give it up, cause I'm no lost cause
    Little girl recognize Too $hort's the boss
    When they turn 16, we all find out
    What little girls like that are all about
    So you girls out there, that fit my rhyme
    You'd better think twice before you jump on mine
    Little girl's so thick, you might think she's grown
    But if you knew when she was born, you might leave her alone
    She's trouble homeboy, with a big fat "T"
    Little girls like that make old men pee
    Then a brother like me might break my neck
    Looking back saying "Ooooh!" Bout to get in a wreck
    Cause she's always flirting, might give me a look
    Like I put her in the oven and she started to cook
    But when I put her on the spot, she could not hang
    With my so rough, so tough Playboy game
    I only said two words, something like "Get busy"
    Her head started hurting and she got real dizzy
    Growing up to fast, all you little girls
    Letting brothers like me cold crush your world
    Should've listen to your momma when she told you so
    But you wnet and got G'd now you want some more
    They ain't paying me money, talking bout love
    And the other girl's who I'm thinking of
    Can you understand, I'm just a man
    I want to come in this world and cold take the man
    So just step on back, while I walk on by
    I might look you down, and I might say "Hi"
    And if you come up choosing, I just might laugh
    Say "Little girl check me out in about two and a half...years"

    I took a little girl to a drive in show
    Jumped in the back and heard "No no no"
    She was only 16 but the girl was ripe
    36-24 and a 35
    I was wasting time spitting lines
    Thinking bout going home cold getting mine
    Baby said "Stop it" I said "Drop it"
    I tried everything but I could not cop it
    I was going to a store about a month ago
    Met another girl that just loved my show
    We talked for a while and it was all about
    Having big fun later on at her house
    She said her pops was gone but her mother was there
    And everything was cool cause she don't care
    So I gave her a ride, kissed her goodbye
    I said I'd be back and we all know why
    Went to find my thrill up on that hill
    I was coming right back with the power drill
    I had fun for a while but it wasn't enough
    When it all got good, her pops showed up
    He must have walked in the room and said "Young punk"
    Cause when he walked in the room, he smelled the funk
    Then he tried to mash, but I don't play
    Cause I was out of that window and on my way
    Little girl

    Every night you call and say "Come by"
    You tell me things changed and I know you lie
    I came by last week, you said drive on up
    And your pops came out talking all that stuff
    Next night we made a date for 9 o'clock
    And I always wondered why you walked the block
    I saw you waiting on the corner when I made the turn
    I didn't really think about it cause I wasn't concerned
    I said, "You look so good, but you always do"
    I was rushing to the house for the old 1 2's
    But the ones ain't cool, and the twos don't work
    Every time I tried, you kept saying it hurts
    And then it all came out under all your tears
    It seems you only been alive for 15 years
    You could have fooled me baby with your lying scheme
    Said you worked in the mall and just turned 18
    When it came down to it, I couldn't go through it
    It's all so sad cause you wanted to do it
    Little girl, you want to have some fun
    You'd better wait a few years cause you're much too young
    Stop playing games, you might find a guy
    Who will like you for yourself, not for all your lies
    So I put it like this, and I don't play
    If I see your young ass, I'm not going your way
    You little girl

    Written by: Todd Anthony Shaw
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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