Far Too Jones Listen Lyrics

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I`m hanging at the Circle K
And I`m watching all the hip kids
Tripping on the car wash
And flipping me off today
"Hey man don`t you want to see something new today?"
Hey wait now...

As for money, ten`s for show
Add a twenty she might go down `cause it keeps her in cool clothes
She hates to sleep alone
So she promises she could do something new just for me
Hey wait now

What`s this I`m feeling
What`s this, this new, inconvenience
Always I`m in, a little deeper
I should know better
But I never really listen to me

Well I suppose
That`s just the way it goes
And it`s over now but I found out
Whatever doesn`t kill you
Only makes you wish it did
So leave me alone
'Cause I can`t take this anymore
Hey wait now

I know I never really listen to me
I know I never really listen to me
What`s this I`m feeling

Written by: Aerle Taree Jones
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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