Hands Like Houses Lion Skin Lyrics

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I wonder, can you daydream at night?
Lying awake, I've had too much time.
I'm watching picture shows in the shadows,
'Dance for the crowd tonight.'
Imagination is such a vivid place to hide
While stars watch over you.
Through silent homes, the lights are out but I walk these halls
The way I've walked before,
Sleeping with saints and apparitions between the walls.
The lights are out but I walk these halls.

I promised not to wake you, so I'll walk light
Just so you can hear the rats in the roof
And the termites in the ceiling.
We'll hear everything except what we need to hear.
Sleeplessness is for the restless, and I'm just fine.
Left to wander, aimless in unconsciousness.
There's spiders crawling in the corners of my eyes.
Let them weave their little webs to s***** the sunlight from the lens.
I'm staring at the ceiling because I'm fed up with the sight.
Weigh my eyelids back to sleep, sealed by silken silver threads
While stars watch over you.
Cast the sheep out of your mind, count the wolves and we'll sleep tonight.

I stumble in and I stumble out of unfamiliar rooms in foreign houses,
But I'm at home. I'm a ghost that left behind his sheets, unrequited
Until I wake up somewhere I know that I've never been.

I'll stay till sleep takes over you.
I'll walk while stars watch over you.

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