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Billy Ray Cyrus Lyrics

Sometimes I catch myself staring
When you don't know I'm looking.
Still can't believe how lucky I got.
Everywhere I look I see a lot
Of the same ol' same thing
Baby you were different from the start.
I thank God each day that
I get to hold an original.

Baby you're like nothing else,
The closer I get
The more I can tell.
I can look on my life
And never find a woman like you.
Your smile, your eyes,
Your touch, your kiss,
They're all like fingerprints.
You're one of a kind,
Yeah, a moment in time,
You're like nothing else.

The way you talk
The way you think
The way you love me crazy.
The way you get to me
Like no one has before.
You could get away with murder
When you look at me that way.
When I think I've seen it all
You show me more.
When you get this close
It's easy to know the difference.

[Chorus: x2]

You're like nothing else
You're like nothing else
You're like nothing else

Whoa, you're like nothing else.

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