Kevin Devine Like Cursing Kids Lyrics

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I saw your freckles on the shoulders
Of a stranger today
And my heart leapt, my heart leapt
I saw the sickle of your dimple
Slice the side of her face
And my heart leapt, my heart leapt
But then she faced me while we wrestled
For our place on the train

Kabuki makeup, a labret ring
I kept out of her way
You're not that actress playing dress-up
On the subway today
So my heart keeps leapin' on

I tried to catch you in a couplet
On my 4-track today
But my tongue tied, my tongue tied
I couldn't figure how to fit you
On the spin and the tape
See, my tongue tied, my tongue tied

The words are small and insignificant,
Confused and cliche
I saw my promise and potential
Through my guilt and my shame
I couldn't catch that in a couplet
On my best goddamn day
My tied tongue tumbles on

Shake and shiver
And laugh like cursing kids
And all our fitful failures
Fit everytime we kiss
So cross your fingers, place your bets
And hold that glow in your face
Let my big mouth ramble on


Written by: Kevin Patrick Devine
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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