J. Cole Lights Please Lyrics

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I had this little bad thing something like them tens,
She gave a ***** mad brain something like the wiz,
But you see the sad thing ****ing with her is,
The chick ain't even have brains dummy like a *****,

So I tried to show her,
About the world and about just who we really are,
And where we've come and how we still have to go really far,
Like baby look at how we live broke on the boulevard,
But all she ever want me to do is unhook her bra,
And I really want is for her to go down low,
Before you know it she wet enough to get drowned slow,
And all the deep **** I was previously down for
Replaced by freak **** I am currently down for

You see I peeped it ***** is power,
That proud feeling we get knowing ***** is ours,
And how it feels to feel that feeling you feeling when you be drilling that ****,
Got her sayin' you be killin' that ****
And all the pain the world caused she be healin' that ****,
And nah that ain't your girl but you be feelin' that chick,
And you just want to tell her everything she might need,
But in the mean time its light please

[Chorus x2]
Lights please
Lights please
Turn off the lights,
For now everything just seems so right,
How you make the darkness seem so bright,
Feeling like thing gon be alright

So now we in the hotel mirrors on the ceiling,
She say she wanna blow L's I hear her and I'm willing,
But every time I smoke well a ***** mind gone,
So that every word I spoke I was tryna put her on,
But she couldn't hear me,

I told her all about how we been living a lie,
And that they love to see us all go to prison to die,
Like baby look at how the show us on the TV screen,
But all she ever want me to do is unzip her jeans,
Then all I really want is for her to get on top,
Before you know it she working jerking it nonstop,
And all that next **** I was previously talkin',
Is now that wet **** that I'm currently lost in,

And while that sweat drip I am reminded,
All the times my brother told me that ***** is blinding,
I'm finding,
The more I grow the more y'all seem to stay the same,
Don't even know the rules but yet y'all trying to play the game,
And ain't it shameful how *****s blame hoes for giving birth,
To a baby that took two to make,
Coward ***** you a fake,
How you gon look in your sons face and turn you back,
Then go start another family dog what type of **** is that,

She said it's okay,
Rubbed my head and told me to relax,
Laid a ***** down proper like she was recordin' tracks,
Said I know you wanna change the world but for the night please,
Just reach over and hit the lights please,

[Chorus x2]

Written by: Jermaine A. Cole, Jermaine L. Cole
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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