Avias Light Lyrics

avias seay 2011 "light"
from my head to my toes anoint me sigher
gracefully living to take me higher
lusting sins i no longer desire
pour down your blessings feel your power

(raise pitch effect)
please have mercy forgive me for my sins
im down on my knees a hand could you lend
heal my body renew my mind
take out the darkness let your light shine

chorus: light

surround me with angels for all causes
holy water holy oil the righteous send
take out devil and all who came with him
release my soul from abomination

(raise pitch effect)
i need you more than anything now
im lost down this road you got directions show me how
to be wise as serpents and close my mouth
i hear your voice almost feel you now

chorus: light

oh my god i feel your presence
things right now seem all so evident
i know something is coming this way
its gonna happen the more i pray

i feel you now in all throughout my being
i know im saved its you i will be seeing
problems fade away i dont feel alone
i glory my almighty father back home

chorus: light

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