The Lawrence Arms Light Breathing (Me and Martha Plimpton in a Fancy Elevator) Lyrics

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me and martha plimpton
in an elevator her golden labrador
kissed my index finger
two in the morning summer saturated
i'd been drinking and it'd been raining

and it felt so strange
cuz i didn't know what to say
and when she smiled i turned away

but that's so like me
timid self conscious crippling
she seemed so friendly and
i must've seemed uninteresting
soaked from walking and
smelled like boozed and cigarettes
i stood there listening
to hear light breathing

and i wanted to say that i really loved her films
and i wanted to make her laugh and smile
but i stood still

i managed to mutter hello
her eyes shining in the fancy elevator lights
i stood awkwardly hands fluttering
the doors parted and she said goodnight to me

and her voice was like a song
that wouldn't leave my head
and i thought martha i'm running on empty
and i couldn't help but think
i'd missed another chance to live
but isn't that the way it always is
but isn't that the way it always is Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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