Sage Francis Life Is What Distracts You From Death Lyrics

Still Sick... Urine Trouble Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Time of My Life
  • 2 Majority Rule
  • 3 Backpacker
  • 4 Slug & Sage Freestyle, Part I
  • 5 Eye of the Tiger
  • 6 Strange Famous Radio Rhyme
  • 7 All Word No Play
  • 8 Life Is What Distracts You From Death
  • 9 Freestyle
  • 10 Whore Monger Sing-Along
  • 11 Sage & Sixtoo
  • 12 Mullet
  • 13 Come Come Now
  • 14 Her Schlag
  • 15 Apathy & Sage Freestyle, Part I
  • 16 KFC
  • 17 Slug & Sage Freestyle, Part II
  • 18 Live Recording of EDAN With AOI at the Met Cafe
  • 19 Strange Famous Spoken Word
  • 20 The Short-Necked Giraffe
  • 21 Andy Kaufman
  • Life is what distracts you from death
    Gaspin for breath
    Grabbin your chest
    Now look to God and ask him what's left?
    No answer, now how can I pass the test?
    I can't figure out the order of this bastard's mess
    I'm feelin disasterous
    Massive stress
    It's futile like you child trying to sell me bags of sess
    Now put that to rest
    I'm sportin rags when I dress
    While you're mad obsessed
    With Tommy Hil, Polo and Guess
    Got selected best when rap was a braggin contest
    Now you could of sounded like THIS
    To sell records act possessed
    I've blasted the best
    Fast like the wild west and had intercourse with the bulletholes in the chest
    Hooooes need to get their fat asses dressed
    Masters of sex
    Must have been molested dads committed incest
    Violated mother earth, grabbed her ass and breasts
    Got father time ticked off the kid's soft I had to fess...up
    I never fuck with what your raps suggest they make me laugh mos def
    As you get gassed by the press
    Me? I'm ridin on E, I got no gas left
    I had to walk my way home but I forgot the address
    Once I got there I had no access
    To my house
    Moms changed the lock 'cause of my bad ass mouth
    My bad ass mouth? I ain't one to hold back
    I know I'm jet white for some reason my beau's ex is bold black
    Ask your girl about 'em yo that bitch is so whack
    She gave my spirit a disease called the sooooouuuuul clap
    The way she does when she smoooookes crack
    You don't believe me? look here I got the koooodak moment
    Opponents are slow to react
    Like when I got to gave a pound and you throw dap
    Now you know that
    Every man is listenin
    Change your hand positioning
    It makes no sense like a satanic christening
    They panic from all the shit I bring
    You ain't been dissed by Sage yet? just keep on listening
    I make it interesting
    They keep distancing themselves from what I have to say
    Peace to my family members that are gone and passed away
    Day after day it makes me think about my worth and purpose
    On this earth's surface
    Since birth, this world has been a circus
    Of three rings
    Once Armageddon begins
    We'll hang ourselves from the tree limbs
    With G strings
    You see there's too much swinging
    From the hips
    Read my lips
    As you watch what I say you're hopin that my toungue slips
    But I made Linda "Tripp", turned Kenneth to a "Star"
    Sex scandals just distract you from the real problems there are
    Don't get fooled my the media
    Don't believe everythin you read or eat, everythin they feed to ya
    Emcees to me, HA, they got lazy lips
    I'mma take hip hop back to Eighty-Six
    Sage Francis got you thinkin maybe it's...
    All down hill from here just like the Patriots

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