Kottonmouth Kings Life is Beautiful Lyrics

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You got to live
You got to live
You got to live your life

Just live your life (now, nothing lasts forever)
This is your time (it changes like the weather, yeah)
Life is beautiful (life is beautiful)
Oh, so beautiful (oh, so beautiful)
Just live your life (where nothing lasts forever)

I live in a rap factory
I really hope that life be backin me
I take a gander at my rap sheet
And that's my rap fleet
Am I going overboard when I shake up a pad and rip it like this now
It's a gift that I'm sitting here
Writing rhymes, loving life, drinking good beers
In the north-west Oregon crime fest
I possess the power to bring it to full court press.

And life is beautiful man, I be living lovely
Got fresh air and blue skies up above me
It's Johnny Richter in your place, causing meltdowns (ha)
With a smile on my face, I ain't no sad clown (nuh uh)
Now life is great and I ain't (uh huh)
Got no complaints (uh huh)
So you can go to the bank (uh huh)
While I pour another drink (uh huh)
And I cash another check to go (uh huh)
Buy another round
Life is beautiful whenever I'm rolling through P-Town. (P-TOWN!)


Of a lot of beings in the solar system
I am one of the ones that understand it's a pleasure
Feeling honored to be breathing in and out
Paralyzed by the rhythm of the drums
And I don't gotta get stressed out [?] hands in my favor
Don't fucking blame ya
For feeling bummed on the way the cards fall
If you see a good group then stand

[Daddy X:]
Well I've been riding so long I can barely see straight
Stay tipsy like a gypsy but I handle my weight State to state, another day, another state of mind
Another show, another bowl, another hit of the kind
We move down the line and find we get wiser
Time waits for no man, crack a Budweiser
Live while you're living man, one go round
So pound what you pound and get-get down, come on!


Said hear yo, nothing lasts forever
I'm a shine like the sun underneath the weather
I'm a float like a feather, give love all the time to my one forever (forever ever ever)
Hey yo, forever better yet there's nothing for free
Stay strong is all, yeah you gotta believe
Hold tight to what's right, c-c-come on squeeze
And let the top down, and enjoy the breeze


[Daddy X:]
Sometimes you're up in life, sometimes in life you're down (sometimes you're down)
You got to live, you got to live, you got to live your life
It's hard to see the light when there's darkness all around (darkness all around)
You got to live, you got to live, you got to live your life

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