Archaios Life Deceiver Lyrics

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Burning, the pleasure of the thrill

I carry the chains of ages of hate
Breaking up all that's divine
The blessed or the dammed is the same to my grasp
But I need on human lies.

Children of the night seeking victims in the light
Haunting streets of dark, full of flesh's delight
The dawning hides the sinners and the massacres beyond
Ascending life of sorrow, filled with human blood
Homicide of prophets in the breaking of the dawn
Calling for their savior, answering is none
From below the shadows these demonic figures rise
Killing all in sight, tearing soul apart.

Staring at its next prey
Rabid frown in fire
Anger blast in sight
Bodies harped in piles
Feasting over man's flesh
Internal reigning evil
You'll pray over your own grave
And cry at life's deceiver

Growing, my hunger for the hill
Burning, the pleasure of the thrill

I sentence the souls of many breeds
To my grand divine inferno
I'm hunger, I'm light, I'm shadows and lust
For my burden is eternal.

Out of the Shadows... Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Silent Killer
  • 2 In Times...
  • 3 Life Deceiver
  • 4 Gothic Belief
  • 5 Eternal Bleeding
  • 6 Into the Light
  • 7 The Traveler (At the Necropolis)
  • 8 Escape From Insanity
  • 9 Agonizing Soul
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