Sage Francis Lie Detector Test Lyrics

A Healthy Distrust Track Listing
  • 1 The Buzz Kill
  • 2 Sea Lion
  • 3 Gunz Yo
  • 4 Escape Artist
  • 5 Product Placement
  • 6 Voice Mail Bomb Threat
  • 7 Dance Monkey
  • 8 Sun vs. Moon
  • 9 Agony in Her Body
  • 10 Crumble
  • 11 Ground Control
  • 12 Lie Detector Test
  • 13 Bridle
  • 14 Slow Down Gandhi
  • 15 Jah Didn't Kill Johnny
  • Got a hang man hanging on my front lawn
    Got an old maid wasting away in the living room
    Kids in the kitchen with their mouths full of silver spoons
    Got a paper full of yellow journalism
    A restraunt waiter selling me words of wisdom
    The small town crier is chilling with the village idiots
    The big city slickers are still busy building pyramids
    Got a dimploma but no wall to hang it
    Tags on the bathroom stall to make me famous
    A job description that don't fit the bill
    a fatal femme fatale dressed to kill
    Get me out of this, lie detector test
    My pupils inhale and exhale
    My breath is a microphone check: 1, 2, what is this?

    (I wanna give a big special shout out to all the real people out there, keepin it real, because reality is worth maintaing, you know what I'm saying? keep it up)

    In a world where these girl's got retro tattoos
    and all I've got is a gut and velcro black shoes
    and elbows that move in a way that makes space
    I'm looking at you (stay awake, stay awake)
    Natural face affected by the chemical leaks
    Grammatical mistakes in every sentence I speak
    It doesn't matter, I make enough sense to seem deep
    Now look at me (go to sleep, go to sleep)

    (You know I wanna give a shout out to my boy Reanimator, my man Chris doing his damn thing, my mic for keeping me company in this dark ass room, and to my girl killing all the ants in the kitchen. Peace baby.)

    I'm a poor man's version of a rich man
    I've got a small van swerving through a big land
    I've got a road map that's looking alot like a math test
    A blocked phone number and a bunk home address
    I've got a way out but I ain't trying to use it
    cuz I've got some ins and I'm a bet all my winnings
    If it hurts me more than it hurts you, then I won't hurt you
    I've got more sense than virtue
    I've got a cerfew, it's 12 o'clock
    After that I'll start trembling if I get fed hiphop
    Cuz I'm a G to the r-e-m-l-i-n
    If I wasn't then why would I say I am?
    Get me out of this, lie detector test
    My pupils inhale and exhale
    My breath is a microphone check: 1, 2, what is this?

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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