Lil' B Licking The P Lyrics

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I’ma lick your pussy till the after life
I want you to spread your love too
And you can say the things that you wanna do
I just wanna put my d*ck in you
What if I said I like to eat pussy babe
I can lick it and I won’t say a thing
You look so good with your dress on
You look better when you take it off

I’ma eat some pussy tonight x 7

Call the police cause this a robbery
You know I’m fin to take that pussy
I know how to use my tongue to speak
So just spread your love on me
I can eat your pussy with your panties on
And tell me how you want it served
And what’s the word, what’s the word

I’ma eat some pussy tonight x 7

I’m gonn eat the pussy up x 15

You see I eat your pussy out anywhere
All you gotta do is tell me
I wanna put my tongue on top your …
And on my faces you come and sit

I’ma eat some pussy tonight x 7

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