The Damned Liar Lyrics

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Theres not a word of truth in anything that I say
I don't really want to listen till they go away
I haven't finished and I never cry
If you ask me why, I just lie


I'm a liar, liar, I never tell the truth (x2)

I tell you how to feel and why it is
And when and or if you don't want to give
I love spending hours watching television
I saw a dance, lights, room and a fall and your bright red politician


I smoked your last cigarette I say that someone else did
I send your mum to the vet and find out your sisters brilliant
You ask me why, I just lie
I'm a liar, liar

I'm gonna be the biggest liar in the world
I'll be so good you'll believe every word
I could even make you believe Adolf Hitler
Send him to Azurre for the winter


Written by: Bob Daisley, John Sinclair, Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde

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