Joe Budden Letter To Saigon Lyrics

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Who knew when he was introduced to the world by Webb
He’d be the greatest rapper in the world wide web
I mean assholes, opinions are like assholes
I’m past those so you could tell the world I said
Learn from Kanye about Common Sense
Make G.O.O.D. Music gotta face the Consequence
They want me to reach for mine while the seats reclined
How dumb would that be when I aint even reached my prime
Speak my mind a nigga start feelin a way
Speak what I feel it aint my fault they feel what I say
Seem like in every interview niggas wanna mention dude
Took my good punchline got it misconstrued
Aint diss you then but nigga now I will
I’m just saying how I feel
Got ya camera showing off your tiny town house and a girl car
Cuz you aint a world star not even on worldstar
The greatest story never told wont be ever told
Mixtapes never sold leak the shit let it go
How you gonna be a big name in the future
Not even big named as a loser
Backed by a big named producer who gave the smash to T.I.
Cant even be mad at Just cuz i can see why
Which leads me to wonder to what the fans would see
If we turn to Saigon TV
We see a artist struggling to get buzzin with the best production
And look weaker with the Jay-Z feature didn’t help
Frontin with conscious spittin about conscious living
I see conscious fiction from a contradiction
Listen, I see a insecure nigga trying to prove something
Gettin desperate cuz his music dont move nothing
So what he do, start flashing bread
You could tell he probably aint use to having bread
Listen I see a nigga stay talking about the kids
But wanted nothing to do with one when it was his
You would take her phone calls until she said its yours
Thats when it gets criss crossed you start hittin ignore
I see a nigga just fienin for scrutiny
So he show us pics of how muscle bound he use to be
I have shooters loaded up at niggas
Put plastic everywhere Lola Luv ass nigga
To that other nigga that had me on my bullshit
Rule one dont get sheep when it’s some wolf shit
Trust imma see the MF soon
That aint him behind the mask he like MF Doom
But let’s get back to Sai’
Far as S.O.B.’s I woulda done the same thing and been proud i wouldn’t of cried
You jetted on tape nigga how you gonna lie
So if you feelin like a sucka just ask yourself why
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