Lil' Bow Wow Lets Get Closer Lyrics

Closer than close
Closer than most,
I just see so much in you
& I want a better view
I want to look deeper into you

Let's get closer
well, well
closer than close

Lets get closer
closer than most

Yeah. Damn,
where did we go wrong [?]
here I go again,
with another love song
you say that I'm changing
sick all the complaining,
tired 'f all the bullshit
-don't wanna entertain it.
&even though I'm single,
I think 'bout you all the time
girl I ain't lying,
hard to keep you off my mind
we go back arguing
she found out my player ways
and all the girls I had
-don't wanna break your heart again
why it can't be like the old days?
maybe 'kos me and you stuck in our old ways
first time I laid eyes on you
I was love struck
remember when I used to get it wet like swim trucks?


We used to be so close
but now things different
now your so distan
found messages on my twitter from some bitches
that got my girl trippin'
I coulda wifed Cee (Ciara)
it coulda been Ange (Angela Simmons)
but I guess GOD just didn't have 'em in the plan,
but when you realize
I ain't like these other guys
put your Prada 'side girl,
I know you want me in your life.
You had talks with my momma
shared conversations
-hard to be faithful
when the streets keep me chasing-
I guess I'm caught up
my heart closed up
got me stressing over here
It's time for me to roll up


[Bow Wow talking]
It's like, how can you hate somebody soo much, but then you love them at the same time [?]

Now here we are
there's a lot at stake
look at our situation
some say that It's a mistake,
but I ain't think so
b'kos I told you
& fuck these jealous hoes
you know how girls do [x2]

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