The Unseen Let It Go Lyrics

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For to long we've scoffed at the
actions of the rest of the world
but what do we have to show
for all our arrogance?
Division, mistrust and betrayal
plague us just as badly as it does them.
And when its time for action,
when it's finally our turn,
will we let petty differences dived us
like it has time and time again
or will we be able to rise up and let it all go!

We stand on the brink of leadership
to inherit an urban waste.
The fruits of their failure
are thrust in our mouths,
but we cant stand the taste.
Do we turn our backs
on the mess they've made
and blame it all on their greed?
Or do we stand together
proud and tall,
where they failed can we succeed?
Where they failed will we succeed...GO

These problem aren't our doing
but we inherit them at birth.
This suffering not our legacy
but a chance to prove our worth
so we fight against oppression
and we pledge to do our part.
Revolution not born of bullets
but from a fire in our hearts

The will is there
and the feelings strong
but the messages seem lost.
We divide ourselves from one another
and then ignore the final costs.
Lyrics and slogans are not battle cries
they're just ideas and nothing more.
Talk without action,
is politics for fashion...
So check your ego at the door
I cant take no more.......NO

The wars they waged
and the problems made,
they all now belong to us.
Will we let them rule us too
or will we crush them into dust?
The choice is ours and the lines are
drawn so its time to pick your side.
Will you stand for the greater good
or protect your battered pride.


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