The Ugly Club Let's Sleep Around Lyrics

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Let's Sleep Around
Song/Lyrics by: R. Egan

Some see me wandering
In and out of subtle dreams
Cos I'm lost when I'm not with you
Let's sleep around.

I feel like a drum beat
No liquor stains on my teeth
But I say things I never would do
Let's sleep around.


I come over but you got me running
Oh it takes a bit of getting used to
I'm gonna get to just what I need to do
Let's sleep around.

I believe I've been warned now
Don't ever trust someone to have it figured out
Ooh no other ooh had me good as you
Let's sleep around.


Well I twist my heart off the vein
Little honey
I think it's something to do
With the strange temptation
I get just thinking of you.

Because I never knew
that you were shifting
and changing out of your skin.
And I guess it's time to move on
but it never begins.
I don't remember how it was before..
So I'll forget my love just like you
Did with yours
Oh oh oh!
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