Hank Thompson Left My Gal in the Mountains Lyrics

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I went down to the depot caught myself a midnight train
Made my way down to Georgia land it in a gambling town
Got myself in trouble cause I shot a county sheriff down

The jury read my verdict murder in the first degree
The judge said take that prisoner to the penitentiary
They put the handcuffs on me put me on the pullman train
Took me to Atlanta tied me to a ball and chain
[ piano - steel ]
I left my gal in the mountains I left her standing all alone
Last night I dreamed I got a letter saying baby won't you please come home
She told me that she loved me said that she loved me true
Then I dreamed I wrote a letter saying I'm a coming home to you

Then I awoke up this morning lyin' in Atlanta jail
No one here to love me no one to go my bail
Prison bars all around me the guard walking by my door
I'm so sad and lonely cause I'll never see my gal no more
I'll never see my gal no more


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