Richie Sambora Learnin' How To Fly With A Broken Wing Lyrics

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Hey! how did I wake up in this place
A missing person lost without a trace
Guess I got fooled by a famous face

I, I was locked up deep inside
It was so dark I couldn't see the sky
My truth was frightned just to see the light

And I'm runnin' like a dog with a busted leash
Burnin' like the tires when the lights turn green
Hey, I'm walkin' wounded but I still believe
Learnin' how to fly with a broken wing

I, I thought I could have it all
A broken parachute would break my fall
I tempted fate and then I hit the wall

I left scattered ashes in my wake
And there was nothing left that I could save
So I just dug my past in early grave

I'm tearing down what's left of my reflection,
A private anarchy


I took the wheel
I'm changing my direction
Breaking my tailspin
Kicked down the back door
Just left the busted hinges
What I've been living in


[Chorus 2x]

Learnin' how to fly with a broken wing

[Solo till end]

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